Jigger Series

Product advantage:
Sawtooth wave jigger is based on the theory of stratification of jig bed, and through development and improvement of the re-election of a energy-saving equipment on the basis of traditional jigger, jig fluctuation curve forms a sawtooth shape, so that the rising water faster than the falling water: short rise time, fall time is long; overcome the sine wave, ripple curve jig resulting increased, decreased flow and the action time of the same defect, enhances the bed looseness, alleviated the suction effect, the minerals in the heavy mineral grains are fully settlement, greatly improving the equipment selection than capacity and recovery rate.The sine wave jigger contrast respectively: Sn 3.01%, W 5.5%, Pb 1.63%, Zn 2.04%; water consumption reduced 30%-40%, covers an area of reduced 1/3, and stroke can be adjusted. Due to the adoption of the electromagnetic adjustment motor drive causes the flushing time can be adjusted.Its performance can reach the domestic advanced level, is an ideal energy-saving gravity separation equipment

Working principle:
Jigging is a deep-selected device. All Jig is a jig. Encourage water sports organizations and products out of the body. Jigging Interior sieve by punched steel plate, made of woven metal mesh or grid, water through the sieve bed rises into the jig room should be the modest height and slightly loose State, density of settling velocity of granular due to local pressure and larger into the bottom, density of particles is transferred to the upper.When the water flow drops, high density of fine particles can also gradually close gap into the lower deck of the bed, supplemented by density of hierarchical institutions encourage flow in early piston, piston room is located in room Jig side, lower part connected, by the eccentric mechanism driving the piston up and down.

Application fields:Metallurgical and mining industries and gold mining ship

Model Jigger room Diaphragm Feeding
Fill water
Driving mode Outline  dimensions (mm) Weight
shape area
Stroke(mm) Frequency of stroke/min)
JT0.57-1 Trapezoid 0.57 8.5-17 60-120 <10 1-2 ≥0.1 1-3 1.5 Single rotation 1550x780x1530 610
JT1-1 Trapezoid 1.04 10-17 <15 2-3 2-5 2.2 single rotation 2270x1110x1890 900
JT1.5-2 Rectangular 1.5 10-21 <15 2-3 4-8 3 single rotation 2800x1450x2050 1480
JT2-2 Rectangular 2.28 10-25 <15 2-4 4-8 3 single rotation 2910x1550x2050 1640
JT3-1 Trapezoid 3 12-30 50-110 <20 3-6 7-12 5.5 single rotation 2745x2000x2950 3085
JT4-2 Rectangular 4 12-30 <15 8-15 7.5 single rotation 4100x1950x2695 3980
JT5-2 Trapezoid 5 12-30 <15 10-20 7.5 single rotation 4100x2000x2695 4210

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