Powder Concentrator

1.The material in the hierarchical indoor, under the action of double rotor strong cyclone and radial shear force, and the material dispersion is good and the hierarchical higher above 85%.
Sorting materials have been graded interface clearly powder area, each part of the selected powder conditional stability constant, the classifier of powder with high efficiency

2.Fineness regulation is convenient and reliable, and the adjusting range (0-4% cement; 8-12% raw material) is wider, can adjust the spindle speed and air agile control

3.It can make the open flow mill production add 40-60%, the classifier of powder’s efficiency can reach 85%. As to the existing cyclone classifier, it can be reformed under the main body structure and the motor load keep in the same situation, ensure that choose powder efficiency more than 85%, and 30% yield

4.In quite a throughput, compared with efficient vortex classifier, the efficiency is about the same, but our machine can reduce investment 20-30%, and cyclone and efficient than centrifugal classifier, it not only can reduce equipment specifications, and can improve the efficiency of 10-30%

Operating principle:
Out of the ground material is feed into the upper classifier inner shell, fall into one tray with rotor, under high speed rotation of materials plate, on the one hand the material splashing out because of centrifugal force, influenced by the material plate blade and produce ascending air current role, and lift up the material plate forming material boiling. Material is fine particles upward hike up and thicker or heavier material was fall into tray blade scattered along the simulated, complete the first choose powder. The cage rotor will be simulated the whereabouts of the scattered material again, make the fine powder raise up, back to the cycle of the wind, with the first selected material in the cage rotor grading ring, near the grading ring driving and grading ring together for high speed rotation, when the speed increase, the force also increases, the volume must be, cutting size will be smaller, the product fineness necked, if speed is reduced, the product fineness coarsening.

Application: The machine is used in all materials powder screening process of mining, metallurgical, building materials industries.

Material: Granite, basalt, diabase, shale, quartz, pebble, limestone, iron ore, coal gangue, non-ferrous metal ore, pebbles, etc

Model JX500 JX600 JX700 JX800 JX900 JX1000 JX1200
Capacity  20-30 30-40 40-70 70-90 90-100 100-120 120-150
Fineness  Sand 0.5-4.75(mm)
Mineral powder 40(µm)
Main shaft rotate speed 190-380 150-350 150-320 120-300 120-300 120-280 120-280
Motor  Model YCTL225-4A ACTL228-4B YCTL250-4A Y250M-6 Y280-6 Y135S-6 Y315M-6
Rotate speed 125-1250 225-1250 125-1250 980 980 990 990
Power 11 15 18.5 37 55 75 90
Transducer T9-45 T9-55 T9-90 T9-110
Blower  Model 4-72.8C 4-92.10C 4-72N.12C 4-72N.14D 4-72N.16B 4-72N.16B 4-73N.18D
Air quantity 29900 37850 62500 86311 99493 136430 165164
Air pressure 2494 2400 2390 2546 2456 2684 2771
Power 37 37 55 90 110 160 200

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