Bulldozer D8N Front idler bulldozer idler group guide idler 111-1730 9w9989/6Y0557/CR4530Material40SiMnTi/40Mn2FinishSmoothColorsBlack or yellowSurface HardnessHRC48-54MOQ10 pieceDelivery TimeWithin 15-30 days after contract establishedModel List for Reference:BrandRef NoPart No.ModelDescriptionKOMATSU201-30-00012PC60-5Idler Group203-30-00133PC100-5,Website:, 120-5,6Idler Group205-30-00182KM1641PC180-2, 200-3Idler Group20Y-30-00030KM1642PC200-5, 220-5Idler Group20Y-30-00321KM3299PC220-7,8, PC228Idler Group207-30-00071PC300-1,2,3Idler Group207-30-00160KM2018, KM1927PC300, 280-3, 300-5Idler Group208-30-00070PC400-3Idler Group208-30-00200KM1973PC400-5, PC400Idler Group101-30-61210XKM0914D20Idler Group113-27-31320KM0840D31-17, D30, D37Idler Group128-04-0H92IN3810D39Idler Group124-30-00102124-30-00103D39E,P-21 D41E,P-6 Early S/NIdler Group124-30-00105124-30-00106D41E,P-6 Late S/NIdler Group134-30-00201KM6100D61E,PIdler Group144-30-00038KM834D65Idler Group14X-30-00112KM2107D65-12, D85SS-2, D85ESS-12Idler Group17A-30-00040KM836D155Idler Group195-30-00283KM837D355Idler Group

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