Air Needle Scaler

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JEW-28 Air Needle Scaler the contour to use the gun shape design, is by the air compressor is the power,Through the piston motion, causes on the spear head Descaler needle to produce 4500 times/Minute force reciprocal motion,Thus plays the elimination metal surface impurity role, this Air Needle Scaler necessary Descaler needle and needle seat the specification has 2 kinds: Descaler needle diameter 3mm* the length 180mm necessary 28 needle seats to use together and Descaler needle diameter 4mm* the length 180mm necessary 14 needle seats to use together (according to different need, 2 kinds may Exchanging Use),The outside measurement (does not contain Descaler needle length):Long 270mm* high 175mm,Weight: 3.2kgFunctions and characteristics of products: *The product can be used for derusting, polishing, deburring, electric welding slag removing and welding slot unknitting/ leveling on metallic surfaces, in particular, it’s more handy and convenient to treat some special positions such as accidented and twisty parts, inside and outside diameter of pipes,etc. so it’s an ideal tool compared with common grinding and polishing tools.*The housing of products is of high quality aluminum alloy, which is firm and durable. The design is reasonable, and hand feeling during operation is comfortable. Inside parts are of precise structure and good material. In the course of operation, this tool is of low vibration and noise.*The product is mainly used in vessel building and repairing, vehicle manufacturing, large boiler producing and good-sized mechanical equipments making etc.

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Air Needle Scaler
Air Needle Scaler JEW-28 Air Needle Scaler the contour to use the gun shape design, is by the air compressor is the power,Through the piston motion, causes on the s...
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