High Speed Counter-current chromatography

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TBE-200V Semi-preparative Style SpecificationsPower Source 220VВВВВ±20V 50ВВВВ±0.5Hz Power 200 W Flow rate range 1.5-2.0 ml/min Column Capacity 200 ml Sample loop 20 ml Revolution speed range 700-900 rpm Temperature control module Temperature range 15 ~ 40 ℃ Accuracy ВВВВ± 0.5 ℃ Pressure range 0-2Mpa Monitor with Hg lamp 254,280nm Dimensions 330Г—600Г—550mm Main AdvantagesPatented design of 3-partitioning-column and dual sixway-valve; Online detection supported; Suitable for separating large molecules like polysaccharides, polypeptide and proteins; Vertical structure. DescriptionThe machine adopts the design of 3 coiled column connected in series. So it can reach the perfect balance when revolving at a very high speed. The running is stable and the noise is notably low.The separation process is swift and the operation is convenient. The balance of the machine will not be affected by changes of the density of the solvents. The stability is guaranteed. No irreversible absorption waste.High recovery. Other featuresIt integrates a thermostatic module which can control the temperature of experiment precisely. The application range of the experiment is expanded and the repeatability is boosted. Also there are more options for choosing a suitable solvent system. It is especially suitable for separating the active ingredients sensitive to the environment temperature.

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High Speed Counter-current chromatography
High Speed Counter-current chromatography TBE-200V Semi-preparative Style Specifications Power Source 220VВВВВ±20V 50ВВВВ±0.5Hz Power 200 W Flow rate range 1.5-2.0 ...
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