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A, show profiles:Exhibition name: port suifenhe international trade fairShow time: August 8 to 12, 2013Exhibition location: heilongjiang suifenhe shimao international trade show centerOrganizer: China international chamber of commerce, people's government of heilongjiang provinceOrganizer: the secretariat of the international chamber of commerce of China, heilongjiang province business hallCcpit, suifenhe, heilongjiang province people's governmentCo-sponsors: Russia chamber of commerce, the Japan external trade organisation, Korea trade and investment promotion, Taipei world trade center and other relevant institutions at home and abroad, business associationSupport units: the national development and reform commission, ministry of commerce, ministry of industry and the general administration of customs, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and other relevant departmentsSecond, the display content:1. Port city image gallery: port trade policy advice, the port city of investment cooperation projects exhibit recommendation, customs clearance facilitation measures and services, ports, tourism, border amorous feelings, etc.;2. Energy equipment, mechanical equipment and new material: mainly show the coal machinery, petroleum machinery, mining equipment, wood processing equipment, building materials machinery, engineering machinery, refractory material, new decoration material, etc.;3. Cultural tourism pavilion: key display cultural product (cultural creative products, animation, audio and video technology, imaging equipment, etc.); Tourism scenic spots, tourist souvenirs, oil painting, Chinese calligraphy and painting, characteristics gifts, marble, jade, gold and silver jewelry, ethnic handicrafts, etc.;4. Light industrial electronics and consumer goods: key show home appliance products, information products, kitchen appliances, household items, clothing, food, beverage and wine etc.;5. Environmental protection and high-tech feasible.although: show environmental protection technology and equipment and products, new energy vehicles, energy saving products in various fields at home and abroad, and is suitable for the international trade of new technological achievements and products;6. Mechanical and electrical products trade sector: focus on automobile, agricultural machinery, special vehicles, engineering machinery, large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment, etc.Three, form a complete set of activities:Port at home and abroad to promote the exchanges and cooperation, promote trade port service function, the exhibition will also be held during the following BBS, for exhibitors free of charge:1. The development of Chinese international port BBS (BBS);2. Port of sino-russian bilateral development BBS (BBS);3. China and Russia, Japan and South Korea Marine cargo transport cooperation development BBS (BBS).Four, suifenhe, market advantage:1. Suifenhe is located in the center of northeast Asian economic circle area, 190 kilometers away from the far east's largest port city of Vladivostok only, one railway, highway and Russia are interlinked, 2 has been hailed as a link in northeast Asia and the "golden channel" toward the asia-pacific region;2. As the "one hundred port suifenhe has a convenient logistics channel, modern three-dimensional transportation network is forming, the exhibitors can use convenient port customs clearance formalities for the overseas business trip.3. The advantage of policy environment: suifenhe city of the friendship between China and Russia have highest level and open policy the best, the most complete of function special customs surveillance zone, comprehensive bonded zones, in the aspect of tax, foreign investment, foreign enjoy special preferential policies. Exhibits in the exhibition can be temporarily after bonded area continued to wait for the coming year, shipment or shipments that tax of cumbersome procedures and high cost;4. As the bibcock of heilongjiang province to Russian ports, suifenhe, now with more than 180 countries and regions in the world set up a friendly economic and trade exchanges, the market has a total area of 1 million square meters, 15 meters above malls, annual turnover of more than 100 yuan, from personnel of course of Russian penetration rate was 100%, and the market potential is infinite.Five, the registration process:Please ask for a fair booth chart and application form to our contacts, and fill in application form in time after all the content on the facsimile or scan to us, and special account to wire table to fairs, organizing committee will arrange the booths according to pay order.Six, contact:Xi 'an hongxing exhibition co., LTDContact person: Zhang XuanguoTele: 029-85205744 preach true: 029-85205744Hand machine: 13991820517Email address: hongyuanzhanlan@hotmail.comAddress: xi 'an yanta district rosefinch 19 south street sign D Room 1210, block

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china.suifenhe lnternational port trade expo A, show profiles: Exhibition name: port suifenhe international trade fair Show time: August 8 to 12, 2013 Exhibition location: heilongjiang suif...
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