Filter cage welding machine

Detailed Product Description Filter cage welding machine Bad welding detection, auto re-welding Auto cage removal 54 cage pitch settings SS MS & GI wires Filter cage welding machine Cage welding machine - round/oval/star/conical 1. Weld galvanized(GI) wire direcly without damaging zinc plating 2. 25 cages/hr for 24-wire, 6m cage 3. Bad weld detection, auto re-weld 4. Linear Bearing Rail, better cage precision 5. Work with stainless steel, mild steel and galvanized steel wires, as well as different wire conditions 6. 54 groups of ring pitch(space) setting on touch screen 7. Touch screen control 8. Short pitch compensation, ensures enough space for inserting rings 9. Auto cage removal/unlocking 10. Cage pulled by step motor, ring space precision is 0.1mm; pulling speed is 0.4m/s Input voltage: 380V(2-phase) or specified by customer Power frequency: 50/60Hz Power capacity: 80KVA Instant power in sync mode: 36KVA Instant power in async(time-sharing) mode: 18KVA Transformers: 2sets Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa Air flow: 300L/min Cooling method: natural cooling Weight: about 1000KG Features Rails (standard 7500mm, up to 9000mm) and material shelf equipped and connected to the welding unit. The front end of the rail is adjustment-free. Good linearity can be achieved for wire cages Equipped with auto feeding unit, no restrictions on ring space Four air tanks, short air route inside the machine ensures quick response of the cylinder 25mm front plate resulted from one-time machining, firmly secure that the welding cylinders are on the same plane and perpendicular to the axes, thus the linearity of the cage can be ensured Stroke-adjustable cylinders increase welding speed, pre-pressing only takes 0.08s Controlled by micro-computing unit Time-sharing power-on transformer reduces the burden on local electricity grid


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