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I will be still here , for your HD life Super Hi-Vision, Perfect sound, Shock your audio-visual experience, Bring you the perfection of audio-visual enjoyment, HDMI cable , from Uniaccessory Trade Co., Ltd, You need one.Wire Specification: 1)lengths and colors can be customized OD: 6.0-10mm (optional)3)Jacket: special braiding net 4)ferrite cores (optional)5)magetic ring (optional) 6) protective sleeve : nylon or cotton(optional)7)resolution: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1,080i, 1,080p, 1,440p8)conductor: high purity OFC (26/28/30 AWG oxygen free copper) 9)High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFIKey Specifications: 1).High-speed Ethernet channel support 2).Audio return channel 3).3D over HDMI4).Supports 4 x 2K video5).content type 6).Additional color spaces 7).Automotive connection system Usages:1)HD-DVDBlue-ray DVD2)Game Machines: Sony Plays ;3)LCD TVs,Plasma Display ;4)Rear Projection Microdisplays;5)Hi-def DVD Payers ;6)A/V Receivers ;7)Digital Television and other HDMI devicesBackwards compatible with all classifications of version 1.3.Quality:1)100% match with the requirements of HDMI;2)Meet alll the requirements of reliability test and electrical test;3)Lead-free, environmentally-friendly, 100% New RoHS compliant manufacturing materials


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Uniaccessory  HDMI cable
Uniaccessory HDMI cable
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High q
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Micro HDMI cable
Uniaccessory HDMI cable
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Mini HDMI cable

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