Double Shafts Automatic Rewinding Machine JY-8108

Application Suitable for BOPP tape, PE, PET, masking tape, double-sided tape, release paper and many other adhesive and non-adhesive materials. Feature 1. Automatic length setting: The two-step length counter provides accurate rewinding length control. Once the set length is reached, servo motor is adopted so that shafts will instantly and automatically change, ensuring easy operation and efficient performance. 2. With the German Siemens PLC control system, overall rewinding is very simple, equipped with 7 inch LED touch screen, the parameters set simple, The winding roll diameter automatic calculations, tension automatic contrl(TAP), put volume size to be automatic calculation, special roll diameter recursion operations 3. The paper core is held firmly on the pneumatic shaft. With easy, fast loading and unloading, it greatly improves efficiency. 4. Automatic tail paper smoothing device(belonging to the optional), eliminated after rewinding the wrinkling or bubble phenomenon. 5. Hydraulic auto uplifting device(optional): This device offers easy material loading for Operate convenience and better efficiency 6. The pressing roller is controlled by the cylinder and the pressure is adjustable, The Semi-finished products are properly pressed to ensure smooth, stable running during rewinding. Main technical parameters: Machine width: 1.3M/1.6M Range of Rewinding Width: 1000-1650mm Max. Unwinding Diameter: 1000mm Max Rewinding Diameter: 300mm Max Rewind Speed: 180M/min Paper Core Diameter: 76.2mm Main Motor: 5HP x 2 Air Pressure: 6 Bar We supplier all kinds of adhesive tapes machines: Such as paper core cutting machines, BOPP stationery slitting machine, core loader, double shaft automatic Rewinding machine, single shaft auto roll cutting machine, double shaft auto roll Cutting machines etc.


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Double Shafts Automatic Rewinding Machine JY-8108
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