yeast feed-poultry feed


Function and use1. Is a quality protein supplement ingredients, amino acid balance, may be a partial substitute for fish meal, in order to reduce costs. 2. Rich in a variety of vitamins and carotenoids, especially rich in vitamins B, can prevent vitamin B deficiency occurred. 3. Rich in a variety of digestive enzymes, not only help to digestion, but also improve certain enzyme activity in the digestive tract. 4. Enhance immunity, adsorption Pathogenic factor, improve animal health. Recommended dosagePig 2% -5%Poultry 2% -4%Cattle and sheep 5% -8%Aquatic 5% -10% StorageStored in a cool, ventilated and dry place Shelf life: 12 months


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yeast feed
yeast feed
yeast feed-poultry feed
yeast feed-poultry feed

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