arsenic oxide

Commodity:Arsenic(III) Oxide Alias:Arsenic trioxide;diarsenic trioxide;arsenicoxideprimarystandardACSwhitepowder;Arsenic oxide techgrwhitepowder;Arsenicoxidedelecgrwhitepowder;Arsenic oxide;Arsenous oxide CAS No.:1327-53-3 EINECS No.:215-481-4 MF:As2O3 Molecular Weight:197.84 Melting Point:312.3celsius degree Boiling Point:465celsius degree Inchi:InChI=1/2As.3O/q2*+3;3*-2 Density:3.73 Water-solubility:37g/L(20celsius degree) Risk Codes:R28;R34;R45;R50/53 UN number:UN 1561 Package grade:II Risk Group:6.1 Uses:Used in glass industry and medical preparation,also used as insecticide,phytocide and so on;used as ordinary standard reagent and preservative,also used in preparation of arsenite.SpecificationContent Extra 99.9% Superfine 99.5% Firsts 99% Second 98% Impurity Fe <0.05 H2O <0.1 Chloride <0.0012 Pb <0.003


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