diboron trioxide

Diboron Trioxide CAS No.:1303-86-2 Property:Boric anhydride as a colorless glassy crystals or powder, odorless, a slimy feel on the surface. In the air can be strongly absorbent production of boric acid, at high temperatures, which may be an alkali metal or magnesium, aluminum reduction monomer boron. Boron oxide can be dissolved in acid, ethanol, hot water, slightly soluble in cold water, with the synthesis of certain metal has a characteristic color of borosilicate glass, completely miscible with alkali metal copper, silver, aluminum, arsenic, tin oxide. Crystalline boron oxide density was 2.46g/cm3, the density of the amorphous boron oxide is 1.80 ~ 1.84g/cm3, melting point: 557 degrees C, solubility: (g/100gH2O): 1.1 (0 degrees C), 15.6 (100 degrees Celsius) become turbid highly absorbent, moisture, also can be dissolved in alcohol. The boron oxide crystals can be obtained at lower temperatures, H3BO3 dehydration. This crystal containing the BO4 tetrahedron structure unit, density of 1.805g.cm-3, a melting point of 450 degrees Celsius. Glassy boron oxide, the density of 1.795g.cm-3, the temperature rises gradually soften when red hot high temperature is reached i.e., into a liquid, the boiling point at 1500 degrees Celsius. Direct combination of boron and oxygen can get B2O3 Specification: Item result B2O3 % 98 SO4 % 0.3 Al2O3 % 0.1 Cl % 0.1 Insoluble in water % 0.2 Average particle size mesh +200 Package:40kg/bag(outer with woven bag liner with plastic bag) Use: used as the silicate decomposition of the flux system of the main raw material of the element boron, and a variety of borides. Dopant in the semiconductor material, the raw material of the catalyst for organic synthesis, enamel. Machinery Industry used as the raw materials of chemical heat treatment dissolved boron agent; alloy steel production, high-energy fuel system to take in the metallurgical industry.;in the national economy have applications in other sectors and the atomic energy industry and the electronics industry. 6 heat glassware, ceramics, paints, refractory additives, the additives of the solder and the high-temperature lubricant additives, etc.


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