cadmium metal

Cadmium metal ingot(cadmium metal bar, cadmium metal stick) We have cadmium bar with purity above 99.995% in supply which is imported in Korea. Purity: Cd99.995% Atomic symbol: Cd CAS:7440-43-9 Appearance: silvery white and metallic metal Melting point: 320.9℃ Density: Application: cadmium is mainly used in electroplating of steel, iron, Cu, brass and other metal, it has high corrosion resistent against alkali. It can be used to making Ni-Cd battery and batteries which has small volume and large electric capacity. Its compounds is mainly used in producing pigments, phosphor powder, paint, dyestuff, and some kind of yellow pigment in printing ink. It is also used in making tyre, some luminous electric components and the nuclear reactor components, CdS, CdSe, CdTe is widely used in making light battery, plastic cement and pigment, also used in metal plating.


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