cadmium powder

Commdiuty:Cadmium Metal Powder Alias:C.I.77180 CAS No.:7440-43-9 EINECS No.:231-152-8 MF:Cd Molecular Weight:112.41 Melting Point: 321℃ Boiling Point: 765℃ Inchi: InChI=1/Cd Density: 8.64 Risk Code:R20/21/22;R50/53 UN No.:UN3082 9/PG 3 Safety Instruction:S60;S61 Packing Group:III Risk Group:8 Use:Used in preparation of cadmium salt,cadmium vapor lamp,smoke bomb,pigment,alloy,plating cadmium,welding agent,standard cell,antioxidant for metallurgy,atomic reaction. Pb Zn Fe 0.001max 0.01max 0.004max Cu Ni Mn 0.005max 0.001max 0.005max Apparent density 3.0min Tap Density 3.3min Density +200mesh 100%


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