dry strength agent for paper

Dry strength agent is in the original dry strength agent, based on imported raw materials, research and production of new paper dry strength agent, the product of zwitterionic type, can be directly adsorbed onto the pulp fibers through the combination of ions the formation of ionic bonds, improving the bonding strength between fibers, thus effectively improving the paper dry strength, breaking length, bursting strength, ring crush strength, peel strength and other physical indicators. Products are widely used in packaging paper, fine paper, tissue and other paper papermakingMain indicators Appearance: colorless transparent liquid Ionic: two of Solid content: 15% ± 1 Viscosity: 3000-15000mpa.s (25 ℃) PH value :5-8 Water solubility: soluble in cold water Main features 1.Can significantly improve the paper dry strength, stiffness, ring crush strength, bursting strength, folding endurance and other physical indicators. 2.Improve the fine fiber and filler retention, improve water treatment performance; increase productivity, reduce costs and increase economic benefits Use and precautions 1. Dosage:the amount of 3-10 kg / ton of paper. 2. The product when diluted with water to dilute a multiple of 10-30 times in general. In the mixing state slowly added to the product (product viscosity is high, do not pour off), to be diluted enhancer completely dissolved, add the remaining water can be. 3. Add the location of choice in well-mixed slurry can and place. Generally choose the ingredients pool, high import-pump tank or add.


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