We would like to introduce POLRES Polyester, one of the leading Polyester Resin Producer from Turkey.

Our company was established at Gebze, Kocaeli, GEPOSB Industrial Area in 2003. Our proven quality ensures customer satisfaction and our competitive marketing policy is the very nature of our success in both local and international markets.


In our own facilities we produce;

-General Purpose Polyester Resins,

-GRP Type Polyester Resins,

-Putty Type Polyester Resins,

-Marble Adhesive Type Polyester Resins,

-Casting Type Resins,

-Acrylic Type Resins,

-SMC / BMC Resins,

-Button Type Resins,

-Pipe Type Resins,


-Pigment Pastes, and more.

 - RESİN PVC:       LDPE:    HDPE:   

With our huge web of contacts with my products, we are here to supply all type of products demands with our broad style of basin collection and technology. Please be informed that all kinds of orders with different style and packaging are welcomed.


Our company is supplies its costumers different sizes of high quality products in European standards. Kindly do not hesitate to come with further enquiry and demand our specs, samples. Your own specs and packaging requests are also welcome.


We do business in Eastern Europe, Middle ,Bulgaria, Germany, Poland ,Our aim is to meet the requirements of our customers in the most appropriate way and time. Besides our current products, we also accept all kinds of OEM projects in accordance with customized request.


In case you are interested in our company and products portfolio, we would be happy to contact you and send any further information regarding the specifications and quotations of the products.


We hope that your kind reply will found a long-lasting business relationship with you as well.


(We look forward to hearing from you soon for a mutual beneficial cooperation with your esteemed company.)


Yours faithfully,





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