Guillotine Shear

The frame and blade's holder are both welded constrnction,vibration to eliminate stress with good precision.

Adopting rolling guiding way with three point support,cutting precision could be maintained well with good cutting quality.

The gap between top and bottom blades could be adjusted by handwheel easily and promptly.

Rectanguar blade has four edges to use to elong service life.The cutting angle coule be adjusted to relief the deflection of working piece.

The top blades' holder adopts inner slanting construction to ease unloading working piece to promote the quality of working piece.The stoke of top blade could could be adjusted stepless.

Standard Accessories and Equipments:

1. Variable Rake angle adjustment

2. Ball transfers on table.

3.Top driven cylinders.

4. Rapid blade gap adjustment.

5. 4 edge high carbon high chrome D2 quality shear blades

6. front operated motorized back gauge.

7. Shadow line lighting & well designed finger guard for clear view of cutting line.

8. Safety foot switch operation. Top blade will automatically return to top position when foot is removed from pedal.

9. side squaring arm with disappearing stops & inch/metric rule.

10. Independent clamping of individual hold downs.

11. Electric parts: Simens or Schneider

12. Oil seal: SKF or NOK.

13. Motor: chinese well know brand

14. Pump: Chinese well know brand

15: Hydraulic valve:Shanghai,china

16. Manual cutting angle adjustment

17.Manual blades' gap adjustment

18. T screw of back gauge


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