OEE PZ-9 mud pump rubber pistons

OEE can supply 2 materials and assembly types of piston: replaced rubber piston and premium urethane bonded piston. Rubber piston can work in oil, water and mixed mud condition with wearable rubbers. Replaced rubbers also extend piston’s service life and reduce cost.

The multi-ply fabric reinforced backings used in the production of the piston rubbers provide positive, wear resistant seals.  Urethane bonded piston vulcanizes polyurethane rubber on piston hub tightly. Which makes piston with stronger shock resistance in high working pressure and high frequency movement. According to urethane materials, we can provide urethane bonded piston including: Mission blue lightning piston, white lightning bonded pistons, green duo pistons, slip seal bullitt pistons, supreme bonded pistons. These urethane pistons can fit in different working pressure and mud composition with excellent performance.

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Jessie Ji

Sales Manager

Jinan Tianwei Innovation Oilfield Equipment Enterprise (OEE)

Jinding International Trade Development Ltd. (ITD)

Website: ww.china-ck.com

E-mail: oee.info (at) china-ck.com 

Skype: jessie.neverland   

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