Single-Span Plastic Greenhouse



single-span plastic greenhouse
It refers to the greenhouse not attached to other architectural structures, which can be of simple arch structure without side wall and also can have shorter side wall, relative to the multi-span greenhouse. It adopts the galvanized steel pipe assembly-type frame, in simple and reasonable structure, with strong bearing capacity and lower cost. It adopts the single-layer film covering, which can be equipped with the rolling ventilation mechanism on the shoulder or top, suitable for the planting of flowers and vegetables, and also applied in the seeding growing and hardening fields of flowers, vegetables and forestry.

Single-Span Plastic Greenhouse Feature:
A. The greenhouse body adopts the hot dip galvanized steel frame
B. The covering material adopts the film for covering.
C. It has strong light transmission up to more than 90%.
D. It is featured by the simple structure, beautiful and practical, spacious in internal operating space, easy to install, and low cost. It uses the side window ventilated with roller shade

  0.3 KN/m2


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