Sealed Insulating Glass

Insulating glass production line: The cleaning  system with special soft brush and pure water is suitable to clean LOW-E glass.
High precision automatic cutting machine and  automatic stripping machine can rapidly remove away the film on the side of  LOW-E glass to fully guarantee the cementation and sealing quality of  insulating glass to prevent film oxidation.
Full-automatic special pipe bending machine:  Adopted automatic elbow technology. It realizes one-time bending forming to avoid  four traditional connecting parts of elbows to reduce air leakage of insulating  glass from angles.
Full-automacit molecular sieve filling machine:  It adopts automatic negative pressure technology whose filling reat is 95% and  15% higherthan traditional shake methods.
Equipped with semi-automatci gluing equipments  of silicone and thio rubber adhesive.
Common insulating glass: Are made of two-sheet  or multi-sheet of glass, and the units are sealed by two process of sealing  with high strength and high airtight compound sealing material. The air inside  the gas is dried efficiently by the dessicant inside the aluminum frame. With  low thermo conductivity, it can efficiently prevent heat from losing and  thereby achieve the effect of energy-saving and preventing condensation.
Special gas insulating glass: Adopt rapid  inflation inflation technology, it can fill krypton, argon and sulphur fluoride  into the cavity to ensure airtightness and water tightness to prolong the  lifespan of insulating glass.
Structural insulating glass: Is the ideal choice  of curtain wall glass in high-grade construction, supported by the novel DOT  supporting systems, it has replaced the traditional metal frame to reach good  light penetrability and best visual


至: Hangzhou Yunhao Imp. and Exp. Co., Ltd.
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