Metis is innovators, not just suppliers of anchor bolt

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Metis is a leading innovator and supplier of   anchor bolt support solutions and construction technology systems in China.
Incorporated in 2014, we are a privated owned and operated company headquartered near Luoyang,henan.
We exist to develop and provide innovative anchor bolt support products and solutions with exceptional service and lasting
Since years ago, we have been providing anchor bolt support solutions and products to clients and suppliers around the
world. In fact, our products anchor some impressive structures such as the Seven Mile Dam in British Columbia, Canada, the
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the new World Trade Centre Hub in New York City. We’ve also provided support
systems to international airports, state highways, residential and commercial developments and many other projects from
New York to Vancouver, and from Quebec to California.

Because we are innovators, not just suppliers, we have developed a variety of anchor bolt systems that are used throughout North America. Some of our innovations include:
1 the multiple anchor bolt system for permanent and temporary rock or soil anchors.
2 Metis anchor bolt system which is a cold rolled all-thread bar.
3 deep foundation systems for wind turbines.
4 intelligent strand anchors that can permanently monitor the integrity of the tendons.
5 introducing and developing the hollow anchor bar, soil nail and micropile systems in North America. The patented material is supplied exclusively to us by the world renowned manufacturer of construction technology systems.


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