Luoyang Metis Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
When you choose a anchor bolt manufacturer,what you should pay more attentionint, here introduce some detailed information about China anchor bolt manufacturer - Luoyang Metis Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Metis Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in production and trade of self drilling anchor bolt.It is dedicated to manufacture rock reinforcement products, such as R&T Thread Anchor System,Anticorrosion Rock Bolt,Rock Drill,etc,which mostly used for the the mining,tunneling&civil construction industries.
Firstly,We have over 5000 square meters and 8 anchor bolt production lines and accessories processing equipment. You can undoubtedly see that the production is going on in an intense but orderly manner.
Second,Metis? has professional staff to guiding you.We strive to be a one-stop shop for your all of your anchoring needs.
Thirdly,we have Strict quality control system,We also have CE and ISO certification.
Last,Metis adheres to integrity management. We promise that there will be high-quality goods in Metis. We will try our best to maintain market order and protect the people's interest consciously.


R25 anchor bolt
R25 anchor bolt
Metis self drilling anchor bolt is available for you
Metis self drilling anchor bolt is available for you
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Metis strives to be the best anchor bolt manufacturer
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