Clomid Anti-Estrogen Steroids Clomifene Citrate 50-41-9 SEROPHENE


Clomid Anti-Estrogen Steroids Clomifene Citrate 50-41-9 SEROPHENEClomifene Citrate
1.Alias: Clomphid; Clomid ; serophene; pergotime;
3.CAS No:50-41-9
4.Assay: 97.0%~103.0%
5.Appearance:white or milky white crystalline powder
6.Molecular Formula: C26H28ClNO C6H8O7Description:
Clomid is the commonly referenced brand name for the drug clomiphene citrate. 
It is not an anabolic steroid, but a prescription drug generally prescribed to women as a fertility aid.
This is due to the fact that clomiphene citrate shows a pronounced ability to stimulate ovulation. 
This is accomplished by blocking/minimizing the effects of estrogen in the body. 
To be more specific Clomid is chemically a synthetic estrogen with both agonist/antagonist properties, 
and is very similar in structure and action to Nolvadex.
In certain target tissues it can block the ability of estrogen to bind with its corresponding receptor. 
Its clinical use is therefore to oppose the negative feedback of estrogens on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, 
which enhances the release of LH and FSH. This of course can help to induce ovulation.
Clomifene citrate is a drug treatment that stimulates your ovaries to release eggs. 
Ovulation stimulation using clomifene citrate is a well-established, effective treatment. 
Clomifene citrate is the most widely used of all fertility drugs. 
Other drugs that may be used to treat ovulation disorders include metformin and bromocriptine


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Clomid Anti-Estrogen Steroids Clomifene Citrate 50-41-9 SEROPHENE

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