Continuous wave thread make it easier for self drilling bolt to be connected or cut

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Self-drilling bolts may be used in combination with walls, horizontal beams, or anchor blocks to
stabilize unstable slopes and landslides. Prestressed ground anchors act against the thrust of the
potential slip surface and increase the normal stress on the potential slip surface. Both of these
actions contribute to increase stability of the slopes. Also, by compressing the soil, softening
processes that tend to weaken the soil with time are inhibited (Morgenstern, 1982). Issues related to
structural and global stability analyses of anchored systems for slopes and landslides are presented

Anchored slopes and landslide stabilization systems are designed to restrain forces associated with
unstable ground masses. Restraint forces calculated based on the apparent earth pressure envelopes
(section 5.2) may significantly underestimate the required restraint force necessary to stabilize an
unstable slope or landslide to a particular target factor of safety. For this case, limit equilibrium
analyses should be used to evaluate self-drilling anhcors and wall loads for anchored slopes and landslide
stabilization systems.
Self drilling bolt is widely used in railway construction,Tunneling, mining, hydropower station,dam, bridge base,foundation reinforcement of
buildings. Furthermore,it is workable for the repair of ground subsidence,hole collapse,crack,landslip and other geological disaster.

Continuous wave thread make it easier for self drilling bolt to be connected or cut at any point according to our client's specific
requirements,it suits well in narrow spaces and of limited rooms,which is reliable,economical,practical,environment friendly in the various
kinds of civil constructions.


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