aluminum cans plastic bottle baler baling machine




Baling & belting of loose materials like paper scrap ( cardboard, newspaper), plastic scraps( PET bottle, plastic film or crates) car tyre, oil drum & straw, etc.

Product Description

HVA-50 baler is the largest mill size baler in Europe wastes Baler market, with its 1000*800mm feeding aperture. HVA-50 makes the easy job pressing big cardboard and cartons. HVA-50 is the best choice for recyclers, big super market, industry users, etc

Product Feature

Unique Features; -Ideal for volume reduction of cardboard and plastic. -Wide 1000mm feeding aperture -Bales weight up to 500kgs -When door opened, electric power shutted off, -Double pressing guide -Safety and easy locking door -24V control plate -Robust building -12 month warranty -CE certificated

Product Specification / Models

Model HVA-50 Balel Weight 500kgs Bale Size 1000-500-500mm Press Force 500kn Efficiency 6 bales per hour Motor Power 19.6kw Cycle time 45seconds Dimensions 1330-860-2860mm Weight 3000Kgs


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