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Y83 series briquetting presses (also called metal shavings compressor) can cold press the scrap iron, steel, aluminum and other metals into cylindrical briquettes with the density of about 5-6 ton per square meter and the briquettes are able to be directly melt for reproducing. The machine can help you to reduce the loss when reproduce the burning loss in smelting so to make recycling and smelting easier and convenient, and the briquette can substitue the pig iron as raw material directly. We offer you totally 9 different types with different working force from 150 tons to 630 tons.


Quick Details

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Titan

Model Number: Y83-3150

Nominal force: 3150 KN

Briquette size: Dia 90~110 mm

Power: 30 KW

Briquette density: >5 ton/m3

Briquette frequency: 4~6 briquettes/min

1 fluid drive system 2 smart design & solid structure 3 handy operation panel 4 various types 200-630T 5 customize service

Technical parameters  


Nominal force (kn):

3150 kn

Machine size (mm) :

Main machine: 2150*800*3300

Oil box: 1900*1300*1650

Briquette size (mm):

Φ 90~110 mm

Briquette density (ton/m3)  :

≥ 5 ton/m3

Briquette frequency

5 pcs/min

Briquette weight (kg)

3~4 kg

Power (kw):

30 kw

Nominal pressure:

20 Mpa



Output per shift:

7~10 t/shift (8 hours)


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