organic fertilizer

FOB Price: US $ 140 - 180 / Ton | Get Latest PricePort: Tianjin or Qingdao port Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Ton/Tons We can provide free samples, but you need to pay for the postage Supply Ability: 300000 Ton/Tons per Year Our company has independent peat mine and factories Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Classification:Plant Food CAS No.:1415-93-6 Other Names: fertilizer MF:C9H9NO6 EINECS No.:215-809-6 Model Number:RTHA Purity:90% Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland) Brand Name:RuiTai Application:plant;Soil amendment:industrial State:Powder Colour:black Smell:tasteless Harmful bacteria:no Heavy meta:no Stability:stable organic matter Degradation rate:100% Mesh:80-120 Fertilizer manufacturer:yes Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:Plastic woven bags with PVC bag, 20kgs/bag net weight .We can also custom-made according to customer's demands.Delivery Detail:20daysSpecifications (1):Pure natural (peat was formed the fouth seasons glacier and biodegradation) (2):can be used as special tobacco fertilizer Ingredient ♥ Humic acid>10%♥ Organic matter>40%♥ Water content10%♥ Mesh :80-120 Characteristics ♦ Pure natural (peat was formed the fourth seasons glacier and biodegradation) ♦ No adding any industrial additives. ♦ it is tasteless, non-toxic, sterile, non-pollution. ♦ They are good for plants absorption and friendly environment. ♦ Natural humic acid can extend NPK's releasing time. Scope of application ♣ Used as a professional tobacco fertilizer ;♣ lanws and flowers,(golf course,garden); ♣ crops(fruit trees and vegetables); ♣ soil amendment,desert afforestation; ♣ soil-less cultivation and edible bacteria culturing. Packaging & plastic woven bags with PVC bag, 20kgs/bag net weight& we can also custom-made according to customer’s demands. • raw material's detail The humic acid comes from the mine which owns by our company. Well humic acid are produced from our peat mine. Then please read more information about our peat mine how to form at th-at time. Kuan Chung Plain is a natural treasure house because of its mild climate, no matter for plant and animal. So in here there lives a plenty of flora and fauna. Well, the coming of the Quaternary glacier resulted that the climate changed radically. As the cr-ust shifts, it can bring sediments containing ancient corpses back to the surface, where they dec-omposed. It formed into today's peat mine, a totally natural one in Chunhua County. Different from traditional fertilizer, the biggest advantage as raw material is that it contains abundant humic acid and organic matter, whose link is decomposed so short that can be fully ab-sorbed and used by plants ( for plant, shorter the link is, easier the nutrition will be absorbed). Well, our company has been authorized to exploit this mine (The certificate No. is C6104302010126120091218). Our peat belongs to stable organic matter and active organic matter. Active organic matter com-es from the decay of once living organisms,plant and animal. It’s broken down in the soil, or the compost pile by organic matter, stable meaning it has been completely decayed and therefore las-ts a lot longer in the soil.


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organic fertilizer
organic fertilizer
organic fertilizer
organic fertilizer
organic fertilizer
organic fertilizer

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