Drive in Racking

Drive in racking requires fewer aisles, store up to 80% more pallets in the same space than selective pallet racking.

1. to store a large amount of similar loads in a smaller area

2. used for cold storage, high-cost food warehouse etc.

3. trucks can drive right into the center of the block between any uprightss on the front face to pick up pallets

4. the goods are stored on the support guide rail with the pallet on after anoter in the direction of depth, increasing the storage density and space availability.


Betterack drive in racking specification:

1. Item drive in racking
2. Suitable Pallet Size 800/900/1000/1100/1200/1300/1400 * 800/1000*1200mm
3. Pallet Weight 500-2500kgs
4. Standard Size



height:11800mm max

5. Ajustable Pitch 75mm
6. Access Style FILO
7. Loading Capacity 500~2500kgs/pallet
8. Standard Color blue, orange, green, yellow, grey
9. Finishing power coated
10. Customized size accepted, Special color available 
11. MOQ 10 units
12. Delivery Time 7-15days for 2*40' container
13. Container Load 10-15 tons/1*20 container, 20-25 tons/1*40' container
14. Trade Item EXW/FOB/CNF/CIF
15. Port Nanjing or Shanghai
16. HS Code 73089000
17. Certification ISO9001:2008


Drive in racking features:

1) suitable for goods that can be stacked on pallets behind or on top of each other, but are not suitable for block stacking. The pallets are stacked by the first-in, last-out principle on supports mounted on both sides of the drive-in channels. This means that individual pallets cannot be accessed directly.

2) but as a form of block stacking, drive in racking system significantly increase the storage density in a warehouse.

3) drive in racking eliminates the need for loading and picking aisles. The forklift positions pallets on front-to back rails, allowing rows to be stacked next to each other.



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