New Tech Plants Probiotics Organic Fertilizer for Wide Use Compound micro-biological Water Flushing Liquid Fertilizer

Main components: The effective living bacteria count (cfu)≥5.0 x 109/MlOrganic Matter:30%min.Amino Acid:5%min.Humic Acid:5%min.NPK:2.5%min.Crude Protein:28.8%.Product efficacy: This product takes as the core technology the PPE (regression ecological plant probiotics) compound microbial flora exclusively developed by our company and uses high-tech bio-fermentation technology, and utilizes pure natural raw materials including eggs, milk, seaweed meal, fish oil, etc. as the culture media researched and developed from powerful fermentation. l This product is rich in a variety of trace elements, including proteins, amino acids, organic acids, sugars, vitamins, natural growth factors and calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, etc., which are able to significantly promote the synthesis of chlorophyll, intensify the photosynthetic role, enhance the crop's own immune system, and increase crop capabilities to resist drought, cold, diseases and pests damages.l It contains a variety of compound beneficial microbial floras, has a strong ability to survive colonization, promotes nutrients absorption, and effectively inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, thereby preventing plant diseases and pests damages.l The product is rich in natural organic nutrients and natural growth factors formed by microbial metabolism, promotes fruit coloring and sweetening increase, makes fruits bright clean, and brilliant, and provides a 3-5 days early marketing period. If using this product continuously for a long time, it is able to produce organic agricultural products.l It is possible to use the product in the crop growth period, because it features safety, high efficiency, no residues, wide application and freedom from side effects.  Precautions:1. This product should be prepared and used in a ready way, not mixing with pesticides having disinfection and sterilization efficacy.2. Avoid using the product in the midday high-temperature hours; in case of rain within two hours after spraying, it is needed to spray once more within two hours.Package & DeliveryPackage: In 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 10L, 25L, 200L net plastic bottles/drums.Delivery: Within 15 days after receiving the buyer’s payment.Storage & TransportationStored in dry, cool airiness place, far away from heat, avoid insolation, no moisture. When in the transportation and outdoor storage, it should be keep away from moisture, insolation, rain & high temperature. Validity: 3 yearsProfessional as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various agrochemical products, Sunmatte Technology has been specialized in this field for many years. If you are looking for high quality and competitive price new tech plants probiotics organic fertilizer for wide use compound micro-biological water flushing liquid fertilizer supplements for plants, please feel free to wholesale products with our factory. We now have good fertilizer for sale.


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