100% Water Soluble High quality Potassium Humate powder Soil Conditioner

It is a high polymer heterogeneous aromatic hydroxyl carboxylic acid salt. It is black powder solid with slight gloss appearance. Dissolve in water and weak alkaline features. It comprises active groups hydroxyl, carboxylic acid, salt and nitro and so on. Specification:AppearanceBlack-brown powder / granuleSizeGranule:0.2-1mm/2-5mm; Powder:80meshOrganic Matter90%minHumic Acid (dry basis)80%minPotassium (as K2O)10%minWater Solubility97%minpH value8-10 Product efficacies:l Stimulate plant growth, increase yield and improve quality of plant.l Dissolved in water easily.l Increase the fertility of soil and adjust soil structure. Enhance the utilization of other nutrient      fertilizers.l Increase permeability of plant membranes, easily absorbed by plant owing to its molecular weight.l Promote the crop resistance to drought and diseases.  Package & DeliveryPackage: 25kg net plastic woven bags lining insideDelivery: within 15 days after the buyer’s prepayment or L/C at sight. Storage & transportationStored in dry, cool airiness place, far away from heat, avoid insolation, no moisture. When in the transportation and out door storage, it should be keep away from moisture, insolation, rain and high temperature.Validity: 3 yearsProfessional as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various agrochemical products, Sunmatte Technology has been specialized in this field for many years. If you are looking for high quality and competitive price 100% water soluble high quality potassium humate powder soil conditioner supplements for plants, please feel free to wholesale products with our factory. We now have good fertilizer for sale.


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