Huangyan Xinqian Yingjia Metal Product Factory

Huangyan Yingjia Metal Product Factory


Huangyan Xinqian Yingjia Metal Product Factory is located in Huangyan District Taizhou Zhejiang China.


Thousands of detailed products include: van door hinges, flush strap hinges, container hinges, military shelter hinges, refrigerated truck hinges, tailboard hinges, weld-on hinges, piano hinges, butt hinges, casted hinges, forged hinges, heavy-duty hinges, pin hinges, stainless steel hinges, truck rear door hinges, side door hinges; van door lock, trailer door locking gear, stainless steel door lock, container door locks, refrigerated truck locks, bar lock assembly for machinary cabinet and electric cabinet and drying cabinet, military shelter lock, bar lock kits (cams, keepers, guide plates, handles, etc), recessed locking gear, paddle handle lock, recessed folding T handle latches, truck toolbox locks, spring bolt latches, cam lock, anti-luce fastener, door keeper, recessed tailboard catch, tailboard fastener, draw latches, toggle fastener hook, stainless steel toggle catches, over centre fastener, forged over centre catches, spring catch locks for wing body truck and stage truck, stainless steel heavy-duty spring latches, truck gate lift, truck gate helper, stainless steel handles, EPDM seal strip, new PVC sealing strip, truck seal, rubber seal strip, container seal strip, insulated van seal strip, aluminum profile and corner cap for truck body, LED light, rubber buffers, folding steps, folding ladders, lashing ring, rope ring, chest ring, D ring, S hooks, wire hooks, railboard hooks, U bolts, winches, tarp tensioner, adjustable ratchet buckles, ratchet strap assembly, adjustable cargo bar, shoring bars, ratchet tie downs, overcentre buckles, cam buckles, cargo control system, logistic track, side guards system, aluminum guardrail, lateral protection, mudguard mounting bracket, rollers, pulley, sliding rail track, van top walking beam, top sliding system, PVC tarpaulin, container corner casting, meat hooks and tracks, aluminum floor system, rolling door for fire trucks, reels, etc.


Company name: Huangyan Yingjia Metal Product Factory

Contact: Jenny Zhao

Add: No.24 Xinyu Rd.,Xinqian Industrial Area,Huangyan District,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province,China

Tel: 0576-84355185-807   0576-84352939-807

Mobile: 86-13957619368

Fax: 0576-84358036

QQ: 2209094790




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Huangyan Xinqian Yingjia Metal Product Factory
Huangyan Xinqian Yingjia Metal Product Factory

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