Nitrofuran (AHD) ELISA Test Kit

Nitrofuran (AHD) ELISA Test Kit Catalog No. LSY-10003 1. Principle This test kit is based on the competitive enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Aminohydantion (AHD) in the sample. The coupling antigens are pre-coated on the micro-well stripes. The Aminohydantion (AHD) in the sample and the coupling antigens pre-coated on the micro-well stripes compete for the anti-AHD antibodies. After the addition of the enzyme conjugate, the TMB substrate is added for coloration. The optical density (OD) value of the sample has a negative correlation with the AHD in it. This value is compared to the standard curve and the AHD concentration is subsequently obtained. 2. Technical specifications Sensitivity: 0.05 ppb Incubation Temperature: 37℃ Incubation Time: 30min~30min~15min Detection limit Tissue, Liver 0.1 ppb Milk, intestine, honey 0.1 ppb Fish, shrimp (some interference) 0.15ppb Cross-reaction rate AHD 100% AMOZ ﹤0.1% AOZ ﹤0.1% SEM ﹤0.1% Recovery rate Tissue, liver 85±25% Honey, milk, intestine 80±18%3. Components 1) Micro-well strips: 12 strips with 8 removable wells each 2) 6× standard solution (1 mL each): 0ppb, 0.05ppb, 0.15ppb, 0.45ppb, 1.35ppb and 4.05ppb 3) Enzyme conjugate (12 mL) red cap 4) Antibody working solution (7 mL) blue cap 5) Substrate A solution (7 mL) white cap 6) Substrate B solution (7 mL) black cap 7) Stop solution (7 mL) yellow cap 8) 20× concentrated washing buffer (40 mL) white cap 9) 2× concentrated redissolving solution (50 mL) transparent cap 10) 2-Nitrobenzaldehyde (10 mL) white cap


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