Amino Acid Chelated Granule Fertilizer

Amino Acid Chelated Granule Fertilizer (Base fertilizer ) Amino acid chelated is designed for all plants as base fertilizers to prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies that may limit crop growth and yields. It is nontoxic to plants when applied as directed. For best results, apply amino acid chelated granule fertilizer according to recommendations based on plant tissue or soil analysis. 1. Quality Specification Appearance Black or coffee brown granule Solubility Not Water Soluble Total amino acid More than 10% NPK More than 5% Organic matters More than 45% Size 1-3.5mm2.Main Function: 2.1. Amino acids and NPK supply nutrient for plants, which is also necessary nutrient for all crops as base fertilizers. 2.2. The rate of application will depend on the crop, stage of growth, and severity of deficiency. The maximum recommended rates are for mature, full-sized plants. Reduce the rates proportionately when applying smaller plants. Scope: For all crops4. Soil Feed This product is applied for basal use (and it could be used as seeding-base fertilizer). Apply 100KG - 300KG per hectare. If mix with other fertilizer such as NPK , recommendation dosage should be about 20-40kg.5. Package and Storage: 20KG/BAG


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Amino acids powder (Feed Grade)

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