UE 10 Pressure Switch

                                 UE  10 Pressure Switch    Overview : Available with seven electrical termination varieties,Website:http://www.xyindustrial-instrument.com, a choice of sensors, and several pressure connections, the 10 Series is designed to meet most requirements for a variety of OEM and industrial applications. Just 1-1/4 inches in diameter and as small as 3 inches high, this compact, cylindrical switch mounts wherever space is at a premium. A reliable and cost-effective switch, the 10 Series is ideal for applications with high settings and surges. Among the tough applications in which the product has proven itself are: mobile hydraulic units, compactors, balers and lube oil systems.In addition to standard capabilities, modified designs or options are available to help you meet specific application requirements. Design flexibility allows for customized pressure connections,electrical terminations and pressure ranges. Consult UE for allproduct capabilities, order restrictions and special conditions. Specifications : Storage temperature           : -40 to 180°F (-40 to 82°C)Ambient temperature          : 0 to 160°F (-18 to 71°C)  with Buna-N construction; 0 to 180°F (-18 to 82°C) withlimits                                      :Viton® construction; set point shifts less than 1% of range for a 50°F (28°C) ambient                                                 temperature change. Unit will operate down to -40°F (-40°C) but with reduced repeatability Max. media temperature     : 200°F (93°C) with Buna-N sensor; 250°F (121°C) with Viton® sensorShock                                    :Set point repeats after 50 G, 10 millisecond durationVibration                               : Set point repeats after 10 G, 5-500 CPSEnclosure classification     : Types C, D, E, F & G: Designed to meet enclosure type 4 requirements Types A & B: Not                                                 applicableSet point repeatability        : Models 10-12: ± 1% of full scale range; Models 13-16: ± 1.5% of full scale rangeSwitch output                      : One SPDTElectrical rating                  :Rated to 5 A resistive and 5 A inductive (75% power factor), at 125 VAC & 250                                                VAC, 1/4 HP; 5 A resistive and 3 A inductive at 30 VDC; 0.5 A resistive and 0.25 A                                                inductive at 125 VDC; gold flashing over silver contact for loads down to 5 mA                                                at 6 VDC, 2 mA at 12 VDC and 1 mA at 24 VDCEnclosure                           : AluminumWeight                                :Type A: 5 oz.; Type B: 6 oz.; Type C: 6.5 oz.; Type D: 6 oz.; Type E: 12 oz.; Type F: 6.5 oz.;                                             Type G: 12 oz.Electrical connection     :7 electrical terminations; Refer to “How to Order”Pressure connection      :Models 10-12: 1/8" NPT (male); Models 13-16: 1/4" NPT (male); optional SAE threads                                        and other connections (see options list) Mounting                        :Via pressure connection. Surface mounting bracket kit available for field installation.                                       (see Options listProducts Photos :Why Chose us : 


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