PVC Bathroom Cabinet Board Production Line

Qingdao Qingsu Times Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pvc bathroom cabinet board production line manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.qingsumachinerys.com, with professional factory we are always able to offer you CE certification and high quality pvc bath cabinet board machine, pvc bath ark board machinery, pvc bath cabinet sheet machinery, pvc bathroom cabinet panel machine, pvc bathroom cabinet plate machine, pvc bath cabinet plate production line, pvc bath cabinet board production line, pvc bathroom cabinet board extrusion machine.QS-BC400PVC bathroom cabinet board is also called PVC crust foam board . It is made by pvc foam board extrusion line. Qingdao Qingsu Times Machinery Co., Ltd is the company with 10 years which focus on the pvc foam board extrusion line. We have occupied 1/3 market share in pvc foam board extrusion line in China .PVC crust foam board is also called PVC Celuka board or PVC Skinning board . Its main material is PVC, CaCo3 and other additives. It is made by our latest technology .Its surface can be printed with any colors, can be laminated, it is inflaming retarding, Anti-moisture, anti-corrosion , anti-acid  and alkali-resistant, long life, hard strength non-toxic, good ageing resistance and thermal forming. It is the latest green environmental protection building material .It is with good surface, feels elegant and suitable .It can be nailed, drilled, digged, axed, riveted and sticky. It is with all the advantage of wood, even better than wood. It is best substitute of the wood and Al product  Its widely used in the world to adapt to environmental protection trend, to save precious forest resources, saving energy, protect the ecological environment and promoting the sustainable development of the human society has far-reaching significance.Our PVC foam board machine includes the special Twin-screw extruder, mould and other auxiliary machines. We use twin-screw extruder with compact structure, superior performance. Besides the screw and barrel and die are designed by our company and made in world famous manufacturers. And use the high-performance alloy steel for professional processing. So the machine has the advantages of uniform plasticizing, stable extrusion, high output, and long life. We can supply you the best material formulation and all of technology. We have several thousand kinds of formula through 8 years’ researches. PVC or WPC foam board production line with big output, stable extrusion, high foaming, good and wear-resisting surface and so on. 


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