Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pump DPMXW

DEPAMU (Hangzhou) Pumps Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading mechanical diaphragm metering pump dpmxw manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are able to produce Chinese best API Standard and API675 mechanical diaphragm metering pump dpmxw at both low price and good quality. If you are looking for Gemany technology or famous brand products, please feel free to contact us.Working Principle:The motor drives worm gear pair; through eccentric mechanism, rotary motion of the motor is transformed into reciprocation of slide bar. Reciprocating slide bar directly propels mechanical diaphragm to make cyclic deformation, so as to suck in and discharge the medium.Features:● Excellent double-diaphragm design and multilayer diaphragm structure after grinding enable the diaphragms to be forced evenly, and thus the diaphragms are more durable;● Double diaphragm made of PTFE boasts excellent corrosion resistance and leakage-proof capacity● Diaphragm status monitoring system sends out signals when one diaphragm bursts, and continues to work until the replacement of diaphragm or direct stop of pump operation. Therefore, metered medium is not polluted.● Accurate design of eccentric structure, including cam and spring eccentric mechanism, integrated sleeve adjustable eccentric transmission mechanism;● Static seal of diaphragm at hydraulic end replaces dynamic seal of plunger, so the medium will not leak;● Diaphragm movement directly driven by slide bar replaces cyclic reciprocation of diaphragm driven hydraulically, so mechanical diaphragm pump owns a more simple structure and convenient repair;● Patented design of mechanical diaphragm ensures stable output of flow rate.● In idle or during operation, fine-tuning knob realizes smooth and stable stepless adjustment of output flow rate.● Since there is no safe relief device, it is suggested that a relief valve should be installed on outlet pipeline of the pump.Technical Parameters:● Flow rate range of single pump head: ≤2000L/H● Pressure range: ≤1MPAMaterial Selection:Pump head can be made of 304, 316, 316L, PVC, PVDF, PP and PTFE etc.Application Scope:It is widely used in the industries of environmental protection, pharmaceutical, paper-making, sewage treatment, urban water supply and cement grinding aids.ModelFlow rate        L/HMotor PowerHead        mmStroke0.37KW0.55KWDischarge pressure MpaDPMXW90/0.8/1.0900.81.06120DPMXW120/0.8/1.01200.81.06160DPMXW140/0.61400.6 6120DPMXW180/0.51800.5 6160DPMXW260/0.4260 0.46120DPMXW350/0.3350 0.36160


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