Beer residue

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Beer residue

Common names: Alcohol residue, Brewer's grains, wet brewer's grains, dried brewer's grains, brewer's spent grain, brewer's dried yeast.

Beer residue is the safest food source for livestock. Beer residue can be used in animal feeding ruminant and monogastric.
It is quite tasty and ready consumption by animals. It is a water-soluble vitamin. However, it is a bulky food sources and low-energy components. 
These materials are considered to be good sources of undegradable protein and water soluble vitamins. Protein content (27-30%) is relatively high and low rumen degradation than other vegetable sources, so it is often used in dairy and beef cattle that require additional protein rumen escape.
Cancellation of protein in the rumen lower dry beer residue, directly related to the amount of heat in the drying process.

Nutritional properties
In monogastric animals, trash, beer proved to be viable sources of protein, especially soybean meal and fish meal is not available.
However, its use is limited to monogastric applications because high fiber (24% ADF) low digestibility of crude protein fraction, so it is not commonly used in the system intensive feeding system.
Lysine is normally the most limiting amino acid. 

Sugar unfermented  : 11-12
Protein  : 4-7
Organic acids  : 13-20
Acid Amin :  1-3
Glutamat  : 6-9
Glyxerin  : 7-9
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