Why Sinorock is so popular at anchor bolt field?

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In recent years ,more and more customers tend Sinorock to the first choice of most anchor bolt suppliers.No doubt Sinorock is the perfect anchor bolt suppliers for many constructions.Why Sinorock is so popular at anchor bolt field?
1 World's leading manufacturer of self drilling anchor bolt!
Sinorock is an experienced manufacturer with more than ten years history in the production of anchoring products. It's specialized in the development, production and sales of anchoring products. All the products delivered to customers have passed strict quality testing.

Sinorock has full range of anchoring products, including self drilling anchor bolt, expansion shell anchor bolt, FRP anchor bolt, friction rock bolt, etc.
2Powerful strength to guarantee your success!

The unique manufacturer of large diameter anchor bolt in Asia.We have Several advanced anchor bolt production lines and accessories processing equipments.And Sinorock is equipped with a 20 engineers research & development team, which is lead by Mr. Xu, the chief engineer and co-founder of Sinorock. Every year Sinorock develops and executes research & development plan, which includes patents and new products.Up to now, Sinorock has got 10 patents for self drilling anchor bolt system.
3Perfect service system resolves your worries behind.
Service staffs keep online via Facebook/Twitter/Skpye/WhatsApp 7*24h.More than 10 strategic partners in logistics which can provide free containers for 14 days, such as MSC and COSCO.Above is just the introduction of Sinorock. It is not the end.And trusted us ,we will pursuit of the perfect service.


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