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  Value-added manufacturer of anchor bolt system - Sinorock,by partnering with product development, sourcing, warehousing and logistics teams in key
markets, we can offer our customers a full range of value-added product and supply chain services to enhance access to innovation, cost savings and speed
to market.
Sinorock prides itself on providing both value and service not seen in most industries. We believe in supplying good jobs to our employees, giving the
best value to our customers and working closely with our vendors in order to bring together what has become known as TEAM. All of these people working
together combine to make a great working environment that produces superior drilling equipment made in the China.
Sinorock  Vanchor bolt systems  are used in various ways in mining and tunnelling constructions and serve to optimize traffic routes or mine raw materials.
Dependent on the construction system used, geology of the surrounding rock and hydrological conditions underground, we offer a variety of anchor bolt
systems to meet specific project requirements.
The features of anchor bolt system are reliable, efficient and convenient , adapted to different construction site conditions,the
requirements of engineering geological conditions that has to adapt to the more perfect with the matching system that can ensure the anchoring effect in
a variety of geological environments, anchor bolt system emphasis on flexible support system construction close to the rock surface to be bettered play
their own strength of surrounding rock and to maintain suppression rock stress balance.



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