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The company’s tradition reaches back last year - the founding year of the Metis,Metis was founded in order to market anchor bolt Systems and technical know-how around the world and to develop innovative systems resulting from its own R&D activities. The needs and requirements of clients and business partners are always of paramount importance. Characterized by reliability, trust and cooperation based on partnership, Metis offers its clients the advantages of an international system supplier with a product range that is tailored to suit individual requirements.In more than 30 countries and at 28 regional manufacturing sites, Metis develops, produces and supplies high quality systems such as anchor bolt Systems. Regardless of what kind of foundation problem you’re experiencing, Metis can help. We have proven and effective answers to unsuitable soil quality, slab sinking, drywall or foundation cracks, and even settlement sinking. We will perform an in-depth analysis of your specific foundation issue and create a custom plan designed for your individual needs. We have worked in it all from pressure grouting to concrete leveling, foundation raising to radon mitigation. Metis’s comprehensive services include the conception, design, planning and installation of its systems as well as quality management and on site supervision. Continued investments in Research & Development and the resulting patent applications sustainably strengthen the know-how available within the Metis Group. By offering innovative solutions in accordance with superior quality standards, Metis fulfills the constantly changing requirements of its target markets.


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Metis is the best parter for quality anchor bolt system
Quality of the self drilling anchor system is concern of Metis
Metis- catering to the hollow anchor bolt market
Metis self drilling hollow injection bolts are extensively used for construction
Self drilling hollow anchor bolt is hot at Metis

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