Self drilling anchor is useful for broken loose surrounding rock

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The broken loose surrounding rock is full of instability. It’s easy to collapse and lead to loose displacement. The pressure is
relatively large. Therefore it needs that kind of  self drilling anchor which can support the rock at once after installation, own
sufficient prestress and whole-grouted, and even infiltrate surrounding rock fissures.

On one hand, the surrounding rock is broken, which makes the drilling holes are difficult to form. On the other hand, there are such
special situations which require minimize vibration to avoid collapse.
  Self drilling anchor bar is the rock and soil reinforcement rods structure. By longitudinal tension of rod bolt action to overcome the
shortcomings of rock and soil compression tensile strength which is far below capacity. Ostensibly limits of rock and soil from the
original body. Macro point of view is to increase the cohesiveness of rock and soil. From the mechanical point of view ,it is mainly to
improve the cohesion C and internal friction angle φ of the rock mass. Which is essentially the body and geotechnical rock bolt located
formation of a new complex. The anchor of this complex is the key to the low tensile strength of the rock mass resolved. Making their own
rock and soil bearing capacity greatly enhanced. Bolt is among the most basic part of the mine roadway contemporary underground mining,
roadway surrounding rock it bound together, so their support surrounding rock itself. Now not only anchors used in mining, but also for
engineering and technology in slope, tunnels, dams and other proactive reinforcement.


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