Battery Powered magnetic flow meter

RBEFB Battery powered magnetic water flow meter is a battery-powered magnetic water meter designed for the water and wastewater industry. The flow meter is a good fit for remote areas to stand alone and measure water flow in closed conduits, particularly municipal, irrigation, wastewater treatment and industrial liquid process industries where no power connection is available.


Designed for clean water > 20 uS/cm

•Compact and Remote design, IP68 enclosure that can be used for underground applications

Pressure: 1.0~4.0Mpa (Special pressure is available), No pressure loss.

Billing grade with class 0.5 & 1 accuracy Stand alone water meter with long battery life, more than four years.

Wide size range of 10~1200mm, adapt to different size of pipeline Maintenance-free, no moving parts to wear and tear. Short straight-pipe run requirement, suitable for any desired installation location

Empty pipe, current excitation and battery capacity alarms

Optional GSM/GPRS wireless and turnkey data service.

CNAS  traceable calibration certificate(Optional)


Typical ApplicationsWater abstraction


Well usage monitoring

Water distribution network Water revenue metering

Agricultural automation

Dairy lagoons

Irrigation Magmeter


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