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We are offering fertile egg.
30 eggs laid on paper pulp moulded trays.
        ‘12’ trays packed in – ‘5’ ply strong export cartons
        360 – eggs per carton box
        1312 – carton box per 40ft – reefer container
        472, 320, – eggs per 40ft reefer container
        no movement of the egg in the carton box
        no movement of the egg carton inside the shipping box
        adequate padding inside the egg carton, and adequate padding surrounding the carton on all sides of the box to prevent any movement
        we have the full in house infrastructure to handle egg export of any volume
empty, pre cooled 40’ ft freezer containers are loaded with each having a holding capacity of 1312 cartons. Each empty containers is pre cooled to temperatures between 2 degrees celsius to 5 degree celsius. The cooling once started is not stopped until the container reaches its final destination.

each egg provided by us is stringently tested. The poultry eggs are tested for bird flu, salmonella inflection and other contamination and hence certified fit for human consumption. The eggs are subjected to bacteriological tests and soon whether they are free from salmonella infection.

Hatching eggs:
• broiler hatching eggs
• 80% and (+) hatchability
• cobb broiler parent
• salmonella free
• mycoplasma free
• 180- eggs in cartoon
• minimum order 200 cartons

delivery period required:

normally 5 days for processing and 1 day for stuffing for consignment with new design carton box needs further 5 days.
Payment details
ex works basis: 60% advance along with your order confirmation. Balance 40% before stuffing the goods on fob basis.


Direct Line.....0.8.3 987 5200


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Sodium Ferro Cyanide Na4fe
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Sodium Ferro Cyanide Na4fe
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