2016 New Car DVR Cam Recorder With Novatek Chip Sony Lens Built-in G-sensor For Mercedes Benz

New Design Mini Full HD 1080P Car Dash Camera DVR Video Recorder For Mercedes Benz Notice please: Our special car dvr is special for different car models, please tell us your car model before placing order. Wholesale price is available for big order.  This link for low specification , it has high specification( with aluminium alloy inner shell, OBD2 cable for power supply) for same car models for your choice. 1. Car coverage: GLKX204low/high specifications2009--2015C/EW204/W212low specification2008--2014EW212middle specifications2008--2013SW221low/middle/high specification2007--2013GLX1642007--2012MW1642007--2012RW2512007--2015AW1762013--2015MW166low/middle specifications2013--2015GLX166low/middle specifications2013--2015  2.Advantages: OBDII For power supply, more safe than built in battery( optional)Aluminium alloy inner shell. for anti-shake, tamper proof and heat radiation(optional).No need to destroy wire, easy installationSupport wifi, mobile app control and operate car dvr, more convenientFull range of benz models covered, and exact to every car modelUnique and original appearanceHigh resolution: HDR+1920*1080PCritical data protection: G-Sensor+ loop recording+no leakage second recording6+1 A+ HD lens: good light transmission+ night vision higher than 40%   3. Tech specification Chip ModelNT96655Chip BrandNOVATEK from Taiwanchip advantageshigh performance 32-bit processor;integrated bravia engine; support WDR;H.264/AVC video coding; support wifi;max 32G SD card; JPEG image codeimage sensorSONY IMX322wide angle 170 degreeresolution1920*1080Plens modelIMX322lens brandsonylens optical  glass6 glasscamera advantage1080P,support WDR, night visionscreenno screenrear camera displaynowhat should do when memory not enoughformat SD card, start loop recordingscreen sizeno screenlens pixel200 Wphoto formatJPGphoto resolution4032x3024SD Card typemicro SDMemoryMAX 32GTV-OUT interfaceRACMAI microsupportUsb interfacenoenvironment temperature -20°- 60° C video modeloop recording,acyclic recordingmobile downloadsupportAudio input/outputNoOutput interfaceCVBSLanguagesEnglish(Australia, Canada, UK,USA)Chinese(simple,traditional,HK traditional)French(Canada, France)German,Italian, Japanese, South korea,Spanish(Mexico, Spain)Arabic, RussianG-sensorsupport 3. Product Functions: 1:With WIFI,can connect to mobile ,can see driving recorder any time. Support APP iOS,Android 2.Driving record/Sound record/video record. Car DVR sound default is:mute , you can turned on sound recording on you mobile APP. 3.Wide Angle 170 degree. 4.Gravity sensor(G-sensor) when car G-Sensor is triggered, the recording video will be locked to be protected. 5.Early Warning System of Vehicle running track deviation 6.HD Night Vision 1080P,12 million pixels 7.Motion Detection when car DVR is turned on, when there is a change in front of the screen, it will start recording,if  nothing happened over than 15S, The car DVR is stop to recording, until the screen changes. 8.Manual mode Emergency recording Press the manual emergency recording button, the Car DVR will start emergency recording, and the video file will  be protected. 9.WDR Set WDR wide dynamic mining can fill light to make the video visible in very dark environments  4. Xiaoxiao Pai App Introduction Xiaoxiao Pai App is the app for our car dvr. By installing this app in your mobile , you can control all functions on it. 1.Set your to connect car dvr WIFI: default name: HY_DVR, default password:12345678 2.Open app, there are 3 main interface options: car dvr list interface, multi-media interface, setting interface 3.Media Device picture:the pictures in the car dvr SD card can be downloaded to mobile . It can be deleted by left slide. Device video:the video in the car dvr SD card can be downloaded to mobile . It can be deleted by left slide Pictures in mobile : pictures download from car dvr can be opened or deleted… Videos in mobile s:video download from car dvr can be opened , deleted or shared…( choose one file and long press it) 4.Setting Format SD card: format the device sd card, all files will be deleted. APP languages setting: including 11 kinds of languages. User operating guide:  Notice please: When go to device images or video, the car dvr will stop taking pictures or videos. The video making must be turned on, if not, please go to  video browse interface and turn on it.  5. Installation Replace of the rain sensor cover above the inner rearview mirror 1 ,Remove the original car fender, install the automobile data recorder and stay out of the docking plug2.Use the 10th sleeve open the driver's A-pillar trim aairbg3.open the driver's side dashboard cover,Through the OBD2 plug from this side4.Using T20 hexagonal screw driver open cover above the driver brakes.The OBD2 connector from the inside out and stay out of th appropriate length harness5.Insert into the plug at the top gear, put into the roof trim panel. Arrange the wire harness and cover the trim pane.6. Configuration:1.car dvr host2.obd2 module for power supply 3.Manual


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