Mercedes Benz Car DVR

 Technical Specifications1Name:Car DVR Car Dedicated driving recorder2.Origin: China mainland3.Shooting angle: 170 ° degree4.Type: One Camera with Single-lens5.Appearance: Mini hidden type6.Function:Night vision strengthen7.Resolution: 1080P7.Memory Capacity: Standard configuration 8G (optional 16G, 32G)Camera:Lens technology parameters introduced1.Sensor size: 12.80mm X 11.60mm2.Wavelength: 400-700nm (COLOR)3.Focal length: f = 2.84.F/NO: F /NO=2.85.After the focal length: BFL = 5.966.Flange length: FB = 4.157.visual angle (Diagonal Perspective) :170 °8.Visual field (horizontal angle): 120 °9.Thread Size: M12 X P0.510.ELEMENT: 6 ELEMENT + IR11.Infrared filter specification: T50% = 650 ± 15nm    CPUMain technical parameters introduce:1, high-performance 32-bit processor, clocked at up to work 432MHz, integrated high-performance DSP.2, embedded power management module, low power consumption.3, the maximum expandable 2GB DDR2 / DDR3 memory.4, support for high-definition video input, maximum support 1080P.5, high-performance image processing engine, support WDR technology, amblyopia class.6, support for LCD / TV display output7, support HDMI V1.3a Interface8, H.264 / AVC encodingSupport 1080p30,720p60,480p120Support MP4, AVI, MOV video format.9, support the audio decoder10, support JPEG11,support the memory controller SD3.0,  support maximum 32G memory card.12, supports wireless Wi-Fi interface.Button and LED Function Description: Button Function Description:1.Power button: Turn on(press shortly),  turn off(press long).2Function button: In wifi mode:when car DVR in normal recording, Press shortly to enter emergency recording, press long will stop recording  and will change to TV mode;  in TV mode: press shortly to the start / stop recording, press long can change to wifi mode.3.Micro: Sound Recording function4.LED Light: Car DVR data recorder working status indicator.5.Reset button: Press this button will reset Car Vehicle traveling data recorder.6.SD memory card: instore video files.Car DVR data recorder status: LED lights show 1.Wifi mode Standby state: the green light on.2.Wifi mode recording state: green light flashes.3.TV mode  standby state: blue light on.4.TV mode recording state: Blue light flashes5.SD card is not inserted or SD card error: Blue light and green light rapidly  Alternate flashes.Note:1.When Car DVR turned on, do not pull out the SD card to avoid damaging the SD card.2.Recommended SD Car:capacity not less than 8G,more than Class 6.3.When starting the vehicle the Car DVR will automatically starts and enters wifi mode . Power of working environment:1.Working Current: 180mA2.Standby current: 5mA3.Working environment: Working environment4.Operating temperature: -20 degree to 60 degree (-4 ° F to 140 ° F)5.Storage temperature: -30 degree to 70 degree C (-22 ° F to 158 ° F)6.Humidity/non-condensing condition: 5-95%7.Currently testing up to working height: 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) Language support:English (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional, HongKong Traditional), French (Canada, France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Mexico, Spain), Arabic, Russian Packing list:1.Car Digital Video Record Host2.connect cable3.manual Products Function:1:With WIFI,can connect to mobile ,can see driving recorder any time. Support APP iOS,Android2.Driving record/Sound record/video record.Car DVR sound default is:mute , you can turned on sound recording on you mobile APP.3.Wide Angle 170 degree.4.Gravity sensor(G-sensor)when car G-Sensor is triggered, the recording video will be locked to be protected.5.Early Warning System of Vehicle running track deviation6.HD Night Vision 1080P,12 million pixels7.Motion Detectionwhen car DVR is turned on, when there is a change in front of the screen, it will start recording,if nothing happened over than 15S, The car DVR is stop to recording, until the screen changes.8.Manual mode Emergency recordingPress the manual emergency recording button, the Car DVR will start emergency recording, and the video file will be protected.9.WDR SetWDR wide dynamic mining can fill light to make the video visible in very dark environments  App USE Show:App use:Support iOS  |  AndroidMobile connect Car DVR via WiFiWiFi:CYHYWiFi Password:12345678 Open Car DVR application, There is three main interface options:Car DVR List Interface, Multimedia Interface, Setting interface. picture show:  Multimedia Interface Device pictures: image in SD card, select the file can be downloaded or deleted; Device Videos: video in SD card, select the file can be downloaded or deleted; Mobile pictures: images downloaded from SD card, you can open, delete and other operations; Mobile videos: video downloaded from SD Card, you can open, delete and other operations, Note: When entering the Device image or Device video , Car DVR will stop recording. when you exit, the car DVR will turned on  to recording, if it is not open, please open it from video browsing interface.Set Interface1.Format SD card: Format the device memory SD card, delete all files from the device.2.General Settings:  settings the basic parameters of Car DVR.3.Delete cashes:Delete cache file.4.APP language setting: including English (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional, Hong Kong Traditional), French (Canada, France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Mexico, Spain), Arabic, Russian and other languagesUser Guide: Car DVR APP User GuideNote: When you enter the General Settings, the Car DVR will stop recording. the video is turned on when you exit, if it is not open, please open it from video browsing interface. General Setting:1.WiFi name: You can change the WiFi name; initial name: CYHY2.WiFi Password: You can change the WiFi password; Initial Password: 123456783.Sound Recording: turn on / off sound recording, the default is:mute4.synchronize Device time: Car DVR time synchronization with your Mobile 5.Size of picture: Set the photo quality.6.Record Quality : settings the recording video time/file:  duration time of Cycle recording video,OFF when not staging, when the SD card is full it will stop recording.8.Motion detection: turn on / off motion detection recording9.gravity sensor sensitivity: Setting collision dynamics lock file10.WDR settings: turn on / off WDR function.11.restore factory settings: In addition to the WIFI name and WiFi password, other parameters will restore factory default settings Recommendation: The first time use,please restore the factory settings to make the car DVR become the best state. Note: After you install Car DVR or vehicle maintenance or repair, please use the APP connection car DVRand synchronize time, in case that the recording time is incorrect to prevent normal recording. Video BrowseVideo Browse you can browse video when click on  playback key  on Car DVR List Interface. Touch the screen can open or shut Common Settings Menu, includes a photo size, set video quality, set recording time (OFF shows that the video does not loop nor segment) real-time transmission of the image quality, cell back light brightness, camera/video start / stop, sound recording start / off, gravity sensor sensitivity, WDR, time synchronization and other settings; red light flash means it is recording video.Note: Please note that if the video is turned on or not when you quit the application;Recommended SD Card :more than Class 6,Capacity of SD card:more than 8G SD card. not support hot swappable.  Install Manual:Installation position    Replace of the rain sensor cover above the inner rear view mirror.1.Remove the original car fender, install the automobile data recorder and stay out of the docking plug2. Use the 10th sleeve open the driver's A-pillar trim the driver's side dashboard cover,Through the OBD2 plug from this side4.Using T20 hexagonal screw driver open cover above the driver brakes.The OBD2 connector from the inside out and stay out of th appropriate length harness.5.Insert into the plug at the top gear, put into the roof trim panel. Arrange the wire harness and cover the trim pane. Support car list:If your car type is not on the list,please contact us to tell us your car type,year of your car and chasis,we will check it for you.Car typeYear of carchasisspecifications1GLK2009-2015X204-Ghigh2S2007-2012221Dlow3S2007-2012221Zmiddle4S2007-2012221Ghigh5GLMRGL/M 2007-2012R 2007-2014164/X164/251standard6GLM2013-2015166Dlow7C/EC 2008-2014E 2008-2015204-212low8GLK2009-2015X204-Dlow9E2008-2012212middle10A2013-2015176low Package list:1.Car Digital Video Record Host2.connect cable3.manual


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