8 Inch Adult Scooter

ALUCARD 8 INCH 2 WHEELS BALANCE SCOOTER WITH LED LIGHT &BLUETOOTH SPEAKERModel: CS-803BColor: White1.Products introduceWith the development of times and technology,Website:http://www.ialucard.com, vehicles are very normal to all of us now and specifically, the electricity-motorized vehicles are not luxuries any more, we also have more and more choices to choose from, while the two-wheel electric balance scooter, which is a popular environmental outcome for modern people to entertain and ride, is just one of them! ALUCARD two-wheel balance scooter uses the best raw materials like main board, gyro, motors, Samsung Battery and smart safety-protected technology to ensure its safety and free people’s worries of unexpected burning or explosion. All certificates like CE, RoHS, FCC, UL and most importantly, the patent are available for exporting. Parameters for 8inch electric scooterBrand nameALUCARDTire size8inchMAX speed12km/hMAX slope30°Load120kgBattery capacity4400WHOperation distance15KM-20KMCharging time2-3 hoursProduct size66*25*26CMAdapter powerAC110-AC220V 50-60HZColor optionsAny color can be customizedFoot-pad color optionsBlack foot-pads, red foot-pads and blue foot-pads2. Product pictures3.User’s restrictions itemsDo not make unauthorized replacements of product parts, as this could affect and damage the board's performance, and may cause injury.User weight restrictionsWhy do we have weight restrictions? They are there to:1. Ensure the safety of the rider;2. Prevent damage being caused to the board through overloading.* Maximum recommended rider weight: 100 kg* Minimum recommended rider weight: 20 kgDistance restrictionsThe Balancing Board's maximum speed can be affected by a number of factors.Terrain: you can ride faster over flat, even ground, whereas uneven surfaces will slow you down.Weight: your weight will affect how fast the electric scooter can go.Ambient temperature: the board will be able to go faster if it is stored and used within the recommended temperature ranges; failing to do so will result in lower top speeds.Upkeep: maintaining the battery and board in optimum condition will increase your speed, whereas failing to do so will result in lower top speeds.How you ride: keep a reasonable steady speed, as frequently stopping and starting will reduce the board's top speed.Speed restrictionsThe self balance wheel's recommended maximum speed is 10 km/h. (Technically it is 18 km/h).If you ride faster than 10 km/h, the board will emit a warning sound. If you drive within this speed limit, the board will be able to maintain its balance, but if you drive above the limit it could be dangerous, as the board may lose balance.4. C-STAR IntroductionC-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED was established in 2000. With great capability for designing and production, modernized production lines, injection molding machine and advanced other related equipment, C-STAR is able to accept and manufacture OEM and ODM orders for various kinds of two-wheel balance scooter, hand-hold balance scooter, self balancing vehicles, electric skateboard and the like. Our products are following the trend of this industry, and under updating to meet the needs of the market and consumers. Good quality and reputation have brought C-STAR many customers from the USA, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, etc, making international connection take place! C-STAR set up to design and produce the self balance scooter in 2015 under the brand ALUCARD, which immediately became a very hot-selling sport product once it’s launched! 


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Ghassoul/Rassoul 卖方: ORIENTAL GROUP SARL AU
Ghassoul/Rassoul 卖方: ORIENTAL GROUP SARL AU
Ghassoul/Rassoul 卖方: ORIENTAL GROUP SARL AU