Connecting Rod

 We produce various types of connecting rod, piston, valve plate for piston compressor in household air conditioner, car air conditioner and refrigerator by PM technology. Hardness: HRB 50-90 Density: 6.7-7.0 g/cm³Material: FC – 0205 or other material in MPIF 35 standard Designation   codeFeCuCFC - 0205Balance1.5-3.9%0.3-0.6%  U.S. MPIF   35-2007 Material Standard for PM Structural PartsDesignation   CodeDesignation   CodeDesignation   CodeF-0000-10FC-0205-35FC-0808-45F-0005-15FC-0205-40FC-1000-20F-0005-20FC-0205-60HTFN-0200-15F-0005-25FC-0205-70HTFN-0200-20F-0005-50HTFC-0205-80HTFN-0205-20F-0005-60HTFC-0208-30FN-0205-25F-0008-20FC-0208-40FN-0205-80HTF-0008-25FC-0208-50FN-0205-105HTF-0008-30FC-0208-50HTFN-0208-30F-0008-55HTFC-0208-65HTFN-0208-35F-0008-65HTFC-0208-80HTFN-0208-80HTF-0008-75HTFC-0505-30FN-0208-105HTFC-0200-15FC-0505-40FN-0405-80HTFC-0200-18FC-0505-50FN-0405-105HTFC-0200-21FC-0508-40FN-0408-34FC-0200-24FC-0508-50FN-0408-45FC-0205-30FC-0508-60  


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