14 Inches 240W 48V 10AH Family Household Lead-acid Battery Electric Motorbikes

Songi Electric Bicycle Co,Website:http://www.pedelac.net,.Ltd is one of the leading China 14 inches 240w 48v 10ah family household lead-acid battery electric motorbikes manufacturers and suppliers in Asia, welcome to import or wholesale exporting 14 inches family electric motorbikes, lead-acid battery household electric motorcycles, household electric autobicycles, 240w electric motor cycles, 14 inches household electric motorcycles products from our factory and company. Pedelac Family style Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle series:Sweetra 14 Inches Wheels  TDR251Z Rachel  (240W;48V/10AH) Frame Parts Electronics Parts Model TDR251Z Rachel Motor 48V/ 240W BLDC Material High Carbon Steel Controller Voltage:48V Current Protection: 12A±1A Voltage Protection: 39V±1V Temperature Protection: 65oC±5oC Front Brake Drum Brake Rear Brake Servo Brake Front Wheel 14" X 2.125" Rear Wheel 14" X 2.125" Derailleur No Battery 48V/10Ah Rear Suspension Spring Damping Charger 48V/2A Sensor NO Charging time 4-6 Hours Main Specifications Appearance & Package Max Speed 25km/h Color Red /Black/Blue/Green Range(pure electricity) 45km Whole Size* 1480 X 300 X 1020mm Max Load 100kg Package Size 1470 X 300 X 740mm Foldable No Package Weight 3.8kg Weight(W/O Battery) 32.6kg Weight(W/ Battery) 35.6kg Family practical lithium battery e-bikes meet the needs of home entertainment leisure. Features: Lithium-ion batteries, safe and reliable The price is materially beneficial, the function is all ready Beautiful beautiful modelling, the youth fashion Spring Damping, ride more comfortable and smooth charging only 4-6 hours, road can reach 45 km.


至: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD
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卖方: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD
卖方: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD
卖方: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD
卖方: Shenzhen Songi electric bicycles co., LTD