natural gas bus CNG dity bus CKZ6926N

9m Engine rear-mounted two-axle city bus. Fully absorbing the design concept of the two-axle buses in European cities , and the city bus market characteristics, we developed this bus with cost-effective , energy-saving and environmental protection, clean energy. The bus uses the Hengtong independent research and development CKZ6899HN4 dedicated bus chassis , rear engine , with Euro 5 emissions natural gas engines . This bus is easy to repair, with large capacity , loading is superior in its class , cost-effective, power matches economical and practical , gas consumption below the industry average , absolutely guarantee the best interests of the users of public transportation. Specifications LxWxH: 9245 x 2500 x 3200 mm Curb Weight:13000 kg Max speed: 80 km/h Capacity of passengers:32-60 Seats:36 Fuel type: Natural gas, Diesel is optional Engine model:YC6J210N-30/ 40 /50 Engine position: rear Displacement:6494CC Maximum Power:155KW/2500 Maximum torque:710 Nm/rpm Emission Standard:Euro III Euro IV Euro V Chasis Model: CKZ6899HN4 Suspension: Less-leaf spring F3/R4 Steering system:Integral power steering Clutch:Single, dry diaphragm spring Gear box: 5+1 speed, manual transmission Tyre:9.00-20/9.00R20,10R22.5


至: Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co., Ltd
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natural gas bus CNG dity bus CKZ6926N

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