VAS 5054A ,VAS5054A Diagnotic interface




The VAS 5054A remote Diagnosis Head Provides Volkswagen diagnostic application with easy-to-use wireless access to the onboard vehicle system.
With its compact design, its integrated diagnostic connector and its wireless connection via bluetooth, the VAS 5054A is the perfect choice for servicing,production and road tests in particular.

Special features:
Bluetooth and USB interface to the PC.
Housing with integrated diagnostic connecotr.
Reliable and efficient handing of diagnostic protocols in the VAS5054A.
Power supplied by vehicle,thus saving notebook batter power during moblie operation.
Power management ensures load reduction for the vehicle battery during downtimes.
Status display.

Delivery Scope:
The remote Diagnosis head is supplied in a carrying case containing the following components:
1x VAS5054A Remote Diagnosis Head.
1x USB cable (VAS5054/1).
1x Optional CD with diagnostic application.
Optionally available: Recommended VAS5054/2 bluetooth adapter.

The VAS5054A is a universal dignostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers.The integrated bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook,desktop PC or test system. No cables are needed for vehicle diagnostics using the VAS5054A.
The range of the wireless bluetooth connection is 5 to 10 meters,depending on the environments and the type of bluetooth adapter used on the PC side.
The Serial port Profile (SPP) is used for data transfer via bluetooth.Different bluetooth security levels are supported.
The following vehicle bus systems are supported:
K Line (ISO9141-2)
High-speed CAN(ISO 11898-2)
Low-speed CAN (ISO11898-3)
J1850 (SAE J1850)
The vehicle protocols are handled directly in the VAS5054A. This ensures fast response times and a reliable real-time behavior independently of the PC operation system.
Every time a connection is established, the VAS5054A software is synchonized with the version installed on the application PC.The VAS5054A thus automatically adopts any new features provided after a new software version has been installed on the application PC.

System requirements:
To operate the VAS5054A, your computer must meet the following system requirements:
PC, notebook, 100% IBM compatible.
Operation system Windows XP service Pack 2.
Installation requires administrator rights.
The computer must have a bluetooth interface that supports the bluetooth serial port profile.
One free USB port (for special application such as configuring the VAS5054A or if wireless communication is not permitted).
The Windows NT4,Windows 98/95/ME and Windows Vista operating system are not supported by the VAS5054A driver software. To use the VAS5054A with Windows 2000.


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VAS 5054A ,VAS5054A Diagnotic interface
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